global mobility

With a diverse team fluent in 12 different languages, we are uniquely equipped to assist founders and their startup teams in navigating the complexities of international immigration.

  • Our Business Immigration

    Our specialized knowledge of startup needs ensures that immigration becomes a means to an end — an empowering tool for your business's expansion. FounderX excels in a range of business immigration services tailored to founders and their startup teams.

    • Global Talent Visa: Secure visas for exceptionally talented
      individuals who can drive innovation and growth in your startup.
    • Innovator Visa: Navigate the immigration process for innovative founders and entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand businesses overseas.
    • Sponsor Licence: Obtain a sponsor licence to bring skilled workers into your team, enhancing your startup's capabilities and potential.
    • Skilled Worker Visa: Facilitate the entry of skilled team members who understand the unique needs of your startup and contribute to its success.

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