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Unlock the full potential of your startup journey with FounderX's unparalleled startup advice service. Our team brings over 70 years of combined hands-on experience in building successful ventures in both the UK and China.

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    Startup Advice Services:

    We don't just offer advice; we offer you a wealth of practical knowledge, insights, and a track record that includes shaping unicorn companies worth over 5 billion.

    • Market Entry Strategy: Gain a competitive edge with tailored market entry strategies that consider both the UK and Chinese markets.
    • Business Planning: Craft comprehensive business plans that attract investors and set a clear roadmap for your startup's growth.
    • Product Development: Fine-tune your product or service offerings based on market insights and customer needs.
    • Funding Guidance: Tap into our extensive investor network and fundraising expertise to secure the capital your startup needs.
    • Scaling Strategies: Navigate the complexities of scaling your startup effectively, both locally and globally.
    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your startup meets all legal and regulatory requirements, especially if you're expanding into the UK.

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